g   Eleiyah Navis
Eleiyah Navis
Gender Female
Friends and Family
Aleah Simpson

Tayluer Amos Sam Dennis Chloe Fenton Molly Thorpe-Franklin Chloe Greenwood

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Eleiyah Navis is struggling to get to grips with the thought of welcoming a new addition to the family, but is using her passion for dance as a distraction. Being Tayluer’s biggest rival, Eleiyah is sick of being second best and is determined to come out on top this year. Despite being the same age, Tayluer looks a lot younger, which is considered a disadvantage to Eleiyah. Eleiyah doesn’t let this stop her though as she practises day and night in her very own home dance studio, determined to be the very best. She tries to wow Jennifer every week witch always leads her to seccond on the prymid.

Season 1

  • Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer
  • It All Starts Here




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