Dance Mums

is a reality television series that will debut on Lifetime in the UK in Monday 20th October at 9 pm. A special episode, entitled Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer, aired a week before official premier episode.

The show is fronted by actress, musical theater star and award-winning dancer, Jennifer Ellison, whose dance school, Fame Academy in Liverpool, is the UK version of the Abby Lee Dance Company.


Set in Liverpool, UK Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison follows British national treasure Jennifer and her Dance Academy girls, as they compete against the nation's best in the competitive world of dance.

The ultimate goal? To get to the Dance World Cup in Portugal, Europe - and bring the championship titles home.

Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison follows a group of passionate and incredibly talented children in pursuit of their dreams, accompanied by their ambitious, driven and straight-talking mums in pursuit of trophies.

We experience the highs and lows surrounding dance competition season and see why the stakes are so high, in the weird but wonderful world of sequins, hair bobbles and lycra.

Dance World Champion title winner, Jennifer Ellison, runs her school with an iron tap shoe. She cares for the girls as if they were her own - but pushes them to the limits as they compete for greatness.

This show brings unfiltered passion, jaw-dropping talent and great British humour together as Jennifer, her girls - and their mums, compete for the ultimate dance title.[1]

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  • Jennifer Ellison: Jennifer Lesley Ellison was born 30th of May 1983 in Liverpool, England. She is married to boxer Robbie Tickle, she has 3 sons Bobby, Harry and Charlie. Jennifer has studied dance from the age of 3, she then went on to the Elizabeth Hill School of Dancing in St Helens. She has won several major competitions and has achieved examination passes with the Royal Academy of Dance and also the International Dance Teachers Association. She has won Ballet and Modern Dance titles at the IDTA Theatre Dance Championships in 1996 and 1997 and was also awarded the Carl Alan Award for Ballet in 1998. In Jennifer’s early career she chose to pursue dance, but then later started a career in acting. In 1998, Jenifer was offered a role in the soap opera Brookside for the part of Emily Shadwick, she played this part until 2003.[2]

Jennifer Ellison takes on Abby's role in the UK edition of Dance Moms, teaching a dance team at her Fame Academy in Liverpool made up of 7 dancers. The team will compete in competitions all around the UK. There will be 7 families featured on the show.


  • Carol Greenwood: Mother to only child Chloe, Carol may appear timid but her dedication to her child holds no limits and she stirs up trouble amongst the other mums. Also backing Chloe is her Nana Linda. A calmer soul than emotional Carol, Linda wants everyone to get on and in her wisdom believes a group hug is the way to solve all conflicts.[3]
  • Maxine Kelly: Proud Maxine is mum to the shining star of the group, Tayluer. With a daughter who wins every trophy going, Maxine is often the source of jealousy from the other dance mums. She may well be a veteran on the dance circuit, but highly strung Maxine is often found lacking when it comes to hair and makeup. Fiery and outspoken, Maxine often falls out with the other mums and there are fireworks if Tayluer is not top of the pyramid.[4]
  • Serena McConville: Determined mum Serena knows what it means to be a dance mum, having to work night shifts to simply pay for her daughter’s dance school fees. Serena has been known to let her passion for her daughter’s dancing spill over. Chloe’s dancing means the world to her and no one is getting in her way. [5]
  • Kelly Navis: Glam mum Kelly is a professional dance mum and doesn’t stop even though she is pregnant during filming for the series. Owning her own beauty salon, she’s the cream of the crop when it comes to making the girls look gorgeous and competition ready. A pro when it comes to hair, makeup and embellishing costumes. Kelly is not afraid of confrontation when everything’s kicking off, especially when it comes to her rival dance mum Maxine, as their two girls fight to be at the top of the pyramid.[6]
  • Danielle Simpson: Danielle is a mum of five and gave up everything to be there for her children. She readily admits she vicariously lives her dream to be famous through her daughter Aleah. Adamant that Aleah has the talent and tenacity to make it in the dancing world; Danielle believes she will be the next ‘Jennifer Ellison’, pushing her little star-in-the-making to the limit. Ambition aside, Danielle needs some serious training when it comes to being the perfect dance mum. Struggling with the girl’s hair and makeup, she regularly comes to blows with Jennifer for not being up to scratch. Danielle is a ticking time bomb, constantly pressuring Jennifer to put her little girl at the top of the dance pyramid.[7]
  • Helen Thorpe-Franklin: Supermum of four and part time charity worker, Helen is forced to work weekends, which means she misses many of daughter Molly’s dance competitions. Despite this, she cries with pride when talking about Molly’s dancing, generally possessing a much more positive attitude than some of her Dance Mums counterparts. She prefers to rise above the drama and tensions of the dance school and focus purely on her daughter’s needs.[8]
  • Charlotte Traynor: Sharp tongued dance mum Charlotte is a force to be reckoned with, and is infamous on the Liverpool dance circuit. Completely dedicated to her daughter Sam’s dance career, the pair have even moved to a house closer to the dance studio so Sam can fully commit to her dance training. Despite being outspoken, Charlotte has a heart of gold that shines through when she is in the dance mums dressing room with her daughter and the other dancers.[9]


There are 7 dancers on the team:

  • Tayluer Amos (Got to Dance): (Age 13) Tayluer is Jennifer’s ideal dance troupe member and is on course to make her West End dreams come true. She’s good, and she knows it. Jennifer knows it too, placing her on the top of the pyramid, but with biggest rival Eleiyah hot on her heels, Tayluer is under pressure to stay at the top of her game.[10]
  • Sam Dennis: (Age 14) Following in her mum’s footsteps, Sam isn’t afraid to speak her mind in the dog-eat-dog world of dance. Dancing is her life but currently studying for her GCSE exams, Sam will have her head in her books during the crucial dance competition season, causing her stress levels to hit the roof. She is determined to prove she can meet the challenges in the classroom, while still excelling on the dance floor.[11]
  • Chloe Fenton: (Age 8) Chloe is one of the youngest in the group but the bar is set high, as Jennifer’s named her as her prodigy. She is the rising star of the group and when she puts her competition head on, she is in it to win it. With bundles of talent, she often upstages the senior girls, giving them a run for their money. Confident Chloe is determined to gain a six pack by the end of the series and the little diva is not afraid to boss her own mum around, demanding muscle massages after a hard days dancing.[12]
  • Chloe Greenwood: (Age 14) For Chloe herself, dancing is all she has ever known and as a classic, ballet dancer she has the skill she needs to succeed. As she gets older however, her interest in dance is fading which causes friction with her mum, who wants her to be the best.[13]

  • Eleiyah Navis: (Age 14) Eleiyah is struggling to get to grips with the thought of welcoming a new addition to the family, but is using her passion for dance as a distraction. Being Tayleur’s biggest rival, Eleiyah is sick of being second best and is determined to come out on top this year. Despite being the same age, Tayluer looks a lot younger, which is considered a disadvantage to Eleiyah. Eleiyah doesn't let this stop her though as she practises day and night in her very own home dance studio, determined to be the very best.[14]
  • Aleah Simpson: (Age 9) Despite her mum’s passion, Aleah is the underdog of the group. She has multiple private lessons throughout the series, but still struggles to keep up with the other dancers. As the most inexperienced dancer, Jennifer needs to train her up before she can be ready for her first taste of competition season.[15]
  • Molly Thorpe-Franklin: (Age 10) ‘Miss Independent’ Molly takes a serious approach to dancing. Having grown up without her mother waiting in the wings, she has learnt to do her own hair bun, which is a real bone of contention among the other mums. She knows how much her mum has invested into her dancing and how proud she is of her. Being one of the younger members of the group, Molly aspires to be like older girls Tayluer and Eliyeah.[16]


  • The series is produced by ITV's "factual arm" Shiver,[17][18] rather than Collins Avenue.
  • The show was planned to go into production of episodes sometime after Jennifer Ellison gave birth, who was nine months pregnant in early September 2014.
  • A special episode called Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer aired on Monday 13th October at 8:30 pm in the UK[19]
  • The first episode of Dance Mums is set to air on Monday 20th October at 9 pm in the UK[20]
  • There was originally to be 8 families[21][22], however for the show only 7 are featured and the unknown mother and dancer are not on the show.

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