g   Chloe Leigh Greenwood
Chloe Greenwood
Gender Female
Age 15
Hometown Liverpool
Born April 16th, 2000
Friends and Family
Carol Greenwood
Linda Greenwood (maternal grandmother)
Aleah Simpson</br>

Tayluer Amos</br> Eleiyah Navis</br> Chloe Fenton</br> Molly Thorpe-Franklin</br> Sam Dennis

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Chloe Greenwood (Chloe Snr) is a classic, ballet dancer and has the skill she needs to succeed. Dancing on despite the competitive passions of the Mums flaring up all around her, Chloe is vying for her position on the pyramid.[1]


  • Everyone calls her Chloe Snr
  • She gets excluded
  • Her Mother is Carol Greenwood
  • She is one of the oldest Dancers


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