g   Chloe Fenton
Chloe Fenton
Gender Female
Friends and Family
Aleah Simpson
Tayluer Amos
Eleiyah Navis
Sam Dennis
Molly Thorpe-Franklin
Chloe Greenwood
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Chloe Fenton (Chloe Jnr) is one of the youngest in the group but the bar is set high, as Jennifer’s named her as her prodigy. She is the rising star of the group and when she puts her competition head on, she is in it to win it. With bundles of talent, she often upstages the senior girls, giving them a run for their money. Confident Chloe is determined to gain a six pack by the end of the series and the little diva is not afraid to boss her own mum around, demanding muscle massages after a hard days dancing.

Season 1


  • She is going to be referred to as "Chloe Jrn" as there is another Chloe on the team.


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